Sunday, September 18, 2016


Assalamualaikum and hye all~

Almost 10 days I'm wearing braces. and 

it's cool! 

What I mean by cool is not that I'm wearing because it's kind of style nowadays, but you know for some of people having crooked teeth will make them less confident to smile in the crowd. 

2 months ago I was so determined and decided to wear braces. So, what do I do first is to do some kind of survey for orthodontics clinics around Subang and of course must be near to my apartment since I have no transport. -__-

In the end I chose Klinik Pergigian DSR SMILE located at Subang Bestari.
I can just be there around 10 minutes by riding the bus.

I setting up my first appointment on 27th August and it cost RM20 for consultation fee. The in charge dentist for me is Dr Intan Munirah and she's so gentle and nice~! She just reviews and checking which of my teeth should do the filling or extraction.

Luckily for me, no teeth extraction will take place ^_^

I setting up my second appointment on 3rd September for dental x-ray, filling, scaling and polishing process, and wearing separators (spacers) as well as my back teeth are very close together. -_-

These separators are required before placing the orthodontics molar band so that the dentist can easily slide the molar bands between our molars for the next appointment. The spacers need to be in place for about a week before wearing braces.

This quite annoying at first like food is stuck between my teeth and I even experience cannot chew anything using those teeth! You need to eat, chew, brush your teeth with your separators in! But it just for a week. so, take it cool~

For this second  appointment, it cost me about RM420 including the separators.

On my third appointment on a week later, I start wearing braces. They will give you options to chose color for elastics band. Max 2 colors. 

I just need to pay only RM800 for deposit which include in overall cost for braces which is RM5500.

The overall cost for my braces would be,
- Braces (RM5500) minus RM800 for deposit and RM250 for monthly appointments.
- Dental x-ray, filling, scaling, polishing, separators (RM420)
- Consultation fee (RM20)

All of the appointment including monthly appointments can be done on Saturday except for wearing braces need on weekdays whether on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday only.

Though it's hard and how annoying for me to eat anything I want day by day, I know it's worth wearing this. This one I'm very confident!~ hahahah~

Thanks for reading~